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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Federal Prison for Jason Gambert?

Jason Gambert has once again perjured himself, and this time it can be proven. That is in a court of The Patent and Trademark Office of the United States of America. That, my friends, is a Federal crime. Don't bend over for the soap, son.
Sarah Bird at SEOMOZ provides a succinct and quite entertaining synopsis if you haven't been following the case. If you have, then you already know things keep getting lower, even when you think they cannot.

I am going to be succinct and zero in on the criminal acts I believe have been committed by Jason Gambert. For the record, since he always threatens to sue me, this is only an OP-ED piece, which means, sir, this is an OPINION piece. Okay? Check the first amendment before you email me about this.

The following paragraph, so that I can save time and effort, and which so eloquently sums up the specific topic of criminal liability to which I am referring, is taken directly from Sarah Bird at SEOMOZ:

"Gambert owns and claims he received an email about search engine optimization on July 27, 1997. This is way out of left field. Gambert includes a printout from Wikipedia that states that the first known use of "search engine optimization" was a spam message posted on Usenet on July 26, 1997. Then he attaches an email from a nonsense aol email to a nonsense email address allegedly delivered on July 27, 1997. Then he attaches GoDaddy information showing that he owns This effort is so misguided that it's hard to know where to begin discussing it. First, an email talking about "Search Engine Optimization" is not evidence that one used the proposed mark "SEO" in commerce. Did he forget what he was trying to register? Further, evidence that you received an email, doesn't prove that you used the term in commerce. It just proves that you received an email. Finally, the WhoIs information for shows that it was created in April of this year, not in 1997."

I call bullshit on this one. Remember the drinking game in college? Bullshit? Well I do. Sorry you missed out on that one.

And, pardon my bullshit, but I don't speak French. I speak Texan. And in Texas, we know how to recognize bullshit, and we call it when we see it. Trust me on this one. There is a lot of bullshit in Texas.

And I call bullshit.

Here's why:

1) I want to know how old you are Jason Gambert. And how old you were in 1997. I will file discovery if I have to in order to uncover this. I call bullshit.

2) You were on USENET in 1997? I call bullshit. By 1997, we SEO's were on the Internet, son. You were probably still in diapers. I was a latecomer using Netscape in 1993. Started my business in 1995.

3) Your "GoDaddy" receipt which claims you owned at that time is a fake. In 1997, GoDaddy did not exist. It was formed in 1997 as JoMax Technologies by Bob Parsons, and this is according to your favorite source wikipedia. You have just committed a Federal crime, my friend. It's called perjury. COUNT 1.

4) The WHOIS information for the domain indicates it was only registered last month. You have falsified evidence to the PTO examiner, attempting to make it look like you had this domain and received this spam USENET post in 1997. That is COUNT 2 of perjury.

5) In 1997, to the best of my knowledge, and I know because I registered my first domain of (a now defunct Texas Longhorn fansite)in 1995 or 1996 at the latest. And the only domain registrar at the time that I know of was Network Solutions. Until 1998.

Anyway, major interruption. I am not going to finish this thing. Because, I have more breaking news on Jason Gambert. Our trap has just been sprung, so off to the next post...but it sucks that I can't finish this, however, I think I'll just let the U.S. Attorney deal with it for now on.



At 5/28/2008 12:42:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, You're right about the domain registrars. ICANN first announced the plans to open up the process from just Network Solutions to include five others in April 1999:

It was expected to take place some time between then and September 2000. You should be able to find more details in ICANN's meeting minutes for that year:

In any event, Network Solutions was the only registrar in 1997.


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