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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

SMX Advanced Synopsis: Keynote

Synopsis of the Keynote session at SMX Advanced. Written in real time format.

Bing is officially launched as of today, preview labels are off.

Bing is intended to make the search experience more efficient and organized. The monolithic search page is a thing of the past.

A search for "Seattle", for example, will show attractions, weather, or information on Seattle. Key idea: understanding user intent, based on semantic meaning and purpose of search.

Understanding user intent and delivering highly relevant and rich results requires immense computational power.

1) Bing produces a search experience vastly more compelling than what has been offered to date.
2) The best way to predict the future is to create it. That's what Bing does.

Microsoft welcomes innovators such as Wolfram Alpha.

The key to Bing is understanding user intent.

Bing is a new brand which only represents search. Bing is short, easy to pronounce, works well across the globe. As it turns out, in Chinese "bing" means "very certain to respond".

What will become of MSN Live services?

-MSN will still be there
-The Live brand will continue to exist, as there is a suite of products, IM, hotmail, Windows Live, etcetera
-Bing will only represent search

There is still much to be done in search. Search is extremely important for consumers and is the means by which most users encounter information on the Internet.

Bing will be extremely focused on ongoing R&D and seeking product innovations. The brand will be marketed aggressively.

Speaker would not discuss plans for Bing acquisition of Yahoo search assets.

What about real time search?
-Bing's results favor fresh content
-Real time search is important. No comment on any deal with Twitter or whether there would be a Microsoft answer to Twitter

Will Bing provide tools for site owners and advertisers, such as Google's Webmaster Central, etc? Answer: Vague...the more user intent can be understood, the better tools can be offered.

The web is a rich place, if a search engine can do a better job of organizing search results, webmasters should be offered tools for assisting them in achieving visibility for their sites.



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