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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Zooloo – More Than A Better Mousetrap

As the social networking phenomenon has been embraced by the masses as a way to stay in touch with friends and family, many copycats have tried to hop on the gravy train. None of them has been as groundbreaking, however, as, the newest, easiest to use, and safest social networking site available. And it’s fun!

What most sets Zooloo apart from other sites is that it allows users to bring everything that they do on the Internet into one space. Users do this through the use of their own domain name, which provides availability for both a public space as well as a private space.

Zooloo upholds a secure privacy standard in which everything on your account is private until you decide to make it public. MySpace only allows their users to have one page to display pictures, interests, and personal information, and everything displayed on the one page is made public unless you block your profile. However, even when your profile is blocked people can search for you and see your main profile picture, your age, and where you live. What makes Zooloo a safer option than MySpace is that there is no search option where you can browse through Zooloo members. To add a friend to your Zooloo network you have to know their full name or e-mail address. In place of a browse option, you can recommend people for your Zooloo friends to follow. The private space is for your eyes only, and Zooloo stands by the fact that no one will ever see this information.

Zooloo has more features for you to customize your space than most other, if not all, networking sites. There are tools to customize both your private and public space. The dashboard, or the private space, allows you to upload information important to you. Facebook and MySpace accounts can also be integrated onto the private space. There are tabs for you to create live feeds for weather, calendars and agendas, and top news stories. The dashboard is categorized into 5 sections that are accessed from the “My Zooloo” button and include zLife, entertainment, shopping, my media, and zSocial. What’s great and fun about these features is that you don’t have to leave the Zooloo site to look up movies, music, latest clothing trends, etc. It is all stored in one place, and you’ll be saving time because you won’t have to bounce around across different sites. Zooloo makes this all so easy! You can customize the appearance of the dashboard with whatever colors and backgrounds you choose, and you can organize the updates you wish to be displayed.

Even more, you can access YouTube, iTunes, or your favorite clothing store’s website all from your dashboard. The media feature is great for photo fanatics; here you can create photo albums and store your digital photos, as well as videos. This is similar to MySpace, but with Zooloo you can purchase pictures to be printed directly from your dashboard with zPrints in a number of different sizes, as canvas prints or as post cards. A life saving feature that Zooloo offers is zLife. Here you can manage your monthly calendar, address book, to-do lists, and invitations for events. You can create invites for events that you are hosting or store invites for events you want to attend, which is a feature similar to evites. The networking side of Zooloo can be found by accessing zSocial. This is where you invite friends, view their updates, create your status update, manage your personal profile information, and read e-mails.
In addition to having a private space, you also get a public webspace to build on a domain of your choice. This is where you get to share your public information, like a blog for example. You can choose which photos or videos you want to share and upload them here as well. If you have content that you want to share, you get to choose your own social bookmarking tool to add onto the website. The public space is also controlled solely by you, the website creator. Zooloo offers tools to customize your public space. This is done under the “My Site” tab which includes the zCreator, blog, and zControls. Unlike MySpace or Facebook, Zooloo gives you an unlimited amount of pages to build your website. The zCreator is used to choose designs, themes, and skins. Adding content onto your page is as easy as dragging or adding content on the zCreator page.

The blog is set up similarly to other blogging sites such as Blogger. The organization to manage the blog is easy to follow, update, or edit. There are tabs for managing posts, managing the blog, blog photos, videos, and categories. If you don’t want everyone to see your blog or your webpage, you can use zControls to manage the privacy of your website. You have complete control over who can see each and every page. For example, you can give your mom permission to see one page, and your co-workers permission to see another. The controls are totally in the hands of the user, and all of the content you create is private until you make it public.

Zooloo is everything the web has to offer in one easy place – pretty much, you never have to leave Zooloo! Happy Zooloo-ing!
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