Facebook Graph Search. Staying Social In A New Way

The news feeds were buzzing yesterday with the launch of Facebook’s new search feature, called Graph Search. This is by far one of their biggest launches since going public. It was rumored that there would be a mobile phone of some sorts of a full web based search engine. While Graph Search does not have the capacity or search features as Google, it appears to have a competitive edge to one of the biggest search engines. Could Graph Search be the start to a full web based search engine? Zuckerburg has said that they don’t want to delve into Internet Searches.

Graph Search is still in beta form and it allows users to search through content that has been shared with them. Each user will have tailored results. This is somewhat like Google’s custom search results. Facebook’s new feature is a way for people to find other users with similar interests. As Facebook puts it, “Find more of what you’re looking for through your friends and connections.”

Because the new product launch is in beta form, you have to sign up to use it. There is currently a waiting list to use the new search function. You can preview a video here https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch Search terms in the video included such phrases as: friends who like trail running, people at my company who like to ski, photos before 1995. It allows a more custom and personal experience and a way to discover what your friends are interested in, what music the like, where they eat, etc. People will be able to use Facebook in a whole new way and it seems like the largest social network is staying on top of their game.

I am currently on the waiting list to test out the new function and I am very excited about it. I was hoping to be able to test it out and review my search results as well as opinions about the searches. Alas, I will have to write a second blog post once my name comes up on the waiting list.

Author: Krystle Green is the Vice President of ArteWorks SEO, a full service search engine optimization Austin firm located in Texas. For more information about SEO, SEM, or social media please visit http://www.arteworks.biz.

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