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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Search Engine Optimization Value of Social Shopping Sites

What do you get when you combine social networking with online shopping? You get Social Shopping. Social shopping happens on social shopping web sites that work like other social media sites except their focus is shopping. Product listings on these social shopping sites come from site users who recommend their favorite products.

Let’s look at two of the top social shopping web sites and explain how they work and how retailers are using them to promote their products and for search engine optimization purposes.


Kaboodle is one of the most popular and fastest growing social shopping communities on the web. On Kaboodle people find products and recommend and share their finds with the community. They can organize their shopping lists, find people with similar style and share finds, get discounts on popular products and find best prices. Members of the community can create groups or join existing groups. In these groups they share advice, products and give each other feedback on product choices.

There are a several different ways retailers can use Kaboodle to promote their products and for search engine optimization. One way is to put the “Add to Kaboodle” button on all of your product pages. It’s really easy. You just add a bit of code. When customers click on the button that product gets added to their Kaboodle list which is shared with their friends and others on Kaboodle. Another way retailers can use Kaboodle is by creating a brand profile. You can customize your brand profile and highlight hot new products and special deals for the community and you can interact with members and engage customers and prospects in a conversation about your products. This is a win, win situation for retailers.

An additional way for your company to benefit from these shopping networks is to be an interactive member. Post your products but also make your own lists of products you like. Develop a network of friends and followers who will help generate the word of mouth advertising you are looking for.


ThisNext distinguishes itself as being the place to find and experience the best, most unique products on the Web recommended by its design-centric members. It offers similar type of functionality as Kaboodle: shopping lists, wish lists and your own homepage with your favorite products.

ThisNext allows you to setup a retailer profile where you can showcase your best products; members can promote your products through their social network and create friends who will promote your products to their friends. You can also put the “Add to ThisNext” button on every product page of your website like the “Add to Kaboodle” button. ThisNext calls the personal lists members create shopcast.

There are many other social shopping sites worth participating in for retailers trying to promote their business. Spend some time and get your products on these shopping sites. It’s free and can generate lots of valuable links to improve your search engine rankings and to increase your sales.

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