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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Understanding Your Search Engine Ranking

If you’ve been checking your keyword rankings over the last few months or years, you may have noticed some changes in the results that are coming up. Keyword search results have evolved. You will need to adjust your strategy to keep up.
You may expect that your site should come up with your competitors’ sites. This may not necessarily be the case. Think about it from the search engine’s perspective. When someone searches, for example, lawn mowers, do you just want to bring up companies that sell lawn mowers? Not necessarily. Your results pool would be saturated with company names, when that may not be what the user was looking for at all.
Search engines have become more and more sophisticated over time. They are not looking to help anyone sell anything. Therefore, the search results, you’ll notice, now include a lot of blog discussions, books, videos and web casts, customer comments and articles about the keyword that you enter. This gives a more rich, diverse result for the search engine users.
Companies that sell are not excluded, but they are no longer the primary ranking holders that they used to be. Furthermore, sites that incorporate all of these other aspects of social media will be the companies that end up ranking higher and higher in the search. For example, you may have a wonderful, user friendly, search engine friendly site about lawn mowers. You may offer more and give better prices and customer service than your competitor. But, your competitor that has kept a current blog, released relevant information about lawn mowers, and sparked discussions and bookmarking among the public will rank higher than you anyway.
This gives everyone a fair advantage. It gives users a more complex picture of the rankings. I know that when I click on those first page results, I am going to get up to date information from companies and consumers like myself, not just the site of the company that pays the most for advertising and sells the most merchandise.
This gives smaller sites the unique ability to get visibility over the huge billion dollar budget companies. That is, if you play your cards wisely. Keeping your online reputation current, your visibility high and keeping up with the changes in the search engine world will require you to work with a world class search engine optimization company. Long gone are the days where spending the most money on advertising gets you the most customers. Money is probably better spent on Search Engine Optimization.

About the Author: Stacy Pessoney is a Project Manager for ArteWorks SEO, one of the top search engine marketing companies in the world. A graduate of the University of Alabama, she implements and manages comprehensive SEO strategies and serve as an organizational liaison among company executives, clients and colleagues.

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At October 27, 2008 8:04 PM , Blogger savant said...

"Great topic & it has covered several points regarding
search engine optimization. But I got a question, do you think onpage factors or offpage factors play a bigger role for SEO? Please advise"


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