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ArteWorks SEO has proudly provided thousands of meals per month to our homeless neighbors through Mission:Possible.

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Search Engine Copywriting


Search engine copywriting covers a variety of services, from marketing copywriting, to web copywriting, to article copywriting. Our professional search engine copywriters can deliver to your site powerful marketing copy that delivers a punch, both to human visitors and to search engines.

Just as important, however, is the creation of content on an ongoing basis for the purpose of syndication and link building. Obviously, prior to syndication of content, you must have content to syndicate. This is where we come in.

Our copywriters will pen powerful articles on a regular basis, and syndicate them out on your behalf. We function as a ghost writer and all content is attributed to you and is posted on your web site. The syndication of these articles then creates hundreds or thousands of inbound links as third party sites pick up these articles for redistribution and link back to you as the article source. The regular creation of fresh content posted to your site also increases its ranking in and of itself, as Google especially seems to have a hunger for fresh content, favoring sites which produce fresh content on a regular basis over sites with static, stale content. Regular copywriting is thus an integral part of a solid search engine marketing strategy.

To make an article more likely to be widely syndicated, the article must provide useful information worthy of publication. Therefore, we do not author mindless, meaningless, pointless articles. Our articles are intended to be educational and informative. They are not marketing articles, but rather articles intended to capture the widest audience possible by providing solid advice or information on subject matters related to your industry. Within each article we embed anchor text links containing keyphrases important to your business, which link back to you.

Our copywriters are all degreed and professional search engine copywriters. We can write on most any subject. And don't worry - we do it all, from research, to writing, to syndication. You never have to lift a finger...or a pen.

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SEO Copywriting

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SEO Video Blog: Google Optimization
Trying to get to the top of Google? In this search engine optimization video, ArteWorks SEO President Matt Foster explains the basic premise behind Google's ranking algorithm and strategies for increasing your site's link popularity.
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Search engine copywriting is powerful. It makes your site more relevant to search engine queries, increases conversions, and aids in syndication and link building.


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We’re back from Miami now, filled to the brim with ideas, enthusiasm and inspiration. Connect was the first of our brand new
It is innately good to see your brand #1 on a search page but I wanted to take a look at the differences between the top and side position. How does the rank of your ad impact its results? ...

Reporting live from Connect, our two-day search event in Miami, here?s the second in a series of posts summarising a few of our sessions, covering either organic engagement or paid search innovation....

While our editor Christopher is busy sunning himself in Miami at SEW Connect, I’m left with the task of this week’s round-up of